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Registered Massage Therapy

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Voted #2 RMT in the Georgia Straight's 

"Best of Vancouver 2013"!

If you or a loved one are in need of experienced, effective, and enjoyable massage therapy, you've found the right place! 

I've been in professional practice since 2001, with a focus on offering highly effective treatment of soft-tissue pain and dysfunction. I have a range of experience and have worked in chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics, in hospitals, palliative care wards, seniors homes, corporate settings, and at sporting events. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I work at Sidney Chiropractic and Massage Therapy (near 5th and Beacon) call 250-656-4611 or book online! Monday and Saturday I am on Pender Island (where I live) and do mobile massage as well as see clients at the Health Centre - call me directly 250-889-3923. On Fridays I am in Victoria where I visit clients in a number of care homes. **Friday in Victoria is currently fully booked and I am not taking new clients in Victoria***

I have competitive rates (note that I negotiate reduced rates and shorter appointments with care homes), and being a Registered Massage Therapist means you can get reimbursed through a variety of programs including MSP, Veteran's Affairs, your extended health plan, and more (receipts provided with all required info).



“I couldn’t get over how good I felt the day after my massage. I had less pain and an overall feeling of wellness - almost like my old self! I have recommended Tru to my friends. He’s calm and doesn’t try to ‘sell’ me anything and knows that massage is just one part of my care. I like that I can tell him what’s bothering me and he’ll focus on that, do his magic and I feel better. 

Having him come to me is a great convenience and financial benefit. I don’t have to hire a wheelchair equipped cab, or beg for a ride from family, and the HandiDart is hard to coordinate with scheduled appointments. I like having a regular, special time that I can look forward to every week and I know he’s going to come on time. It’s so hard to count on anything these days so that means a lot."

                                                                                 ~ A. Victor

"I was having pain in my back and heard that there was an RMT available in the Lodge. I’d only had one massage before and didn’t think it was very good, but I thought I’d give it another try. I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure if it would be effective. I was happy to find that it actually reduced my pain quite a bit - only a slight twinge of pain now and then, not at all like it was before. I would recommend massage because it does help with the pain, and even though the relief doesn’t always last long due to my underlying conditions, it’s still been very beneficial because it takes the worst of the pain away. I like that Tru can come to me because it’s so difficult to get out a lot of the time - going out actually makes me hurt more, so Tru's service works very well for me." 

                                                                                 ~ V. Gillalez

"I’d had massage therapy for a number of years for arthritic joints. It helps me to relax, be able to do my exercises, and to lessen my pain. I wondered how it was going to be done on a bed, because I’d always had it done on a massage table but am now unable to get up on one. Tru did a great job accommodating for that and is able to be quite effective at relieving my pain despite the awkward positions and altered technique he needs to use to get at my back. My problems are chronic but Tru helps to alleviate most the pain with each treatment. The regular treatments keep it from getting too bad. I most appreciate Tru’s enthusiasm for his work. I would recommend Tru to anyone in need of massage." 

                                                                                 ~ L. Johnson

"I first sought massage for shoulder and neck pain resulting from Tardive dyskinesia [which causes involuntary muscle spasms]. I’m more relaxed, have less pain, and always enjoy the visit which is important to me. In a care setting you don’t get to have many meaningful discussions with people. So I like the conversations and I enjoy the companionship as much as the massage!"

                                                                                 ~ M. Osborne

"My daughter arranged massages for me to help me deal with my pain. I have much less pain after the massage and I can really move my neck around! He’s very good at finding and releasing the knots! I would recommend the massage  - it just makes sense for people my age [seniors] to get regular massage."

                                                                                 ~ T. Soane

"I originally started massage because it was recommended by physio to help with back and shoulder pain. After a treatment my shoulder is more flexible, and a couple days after my back feels less painful (it’s worse initially, but worth it!). For me, my main benefit from the massage is with mobility and pain. I don’t get regular massage, as the treatment results usually last weeks or even months, but knowing Tru is here [at the care home] on a regular basis makes it convenient to have him come when I need him. It’s also nice having the treatment in the room instead of having to go out somewhere.  

I like that he really listens to what you want, and can vary the pressure depending on what’s needed in different areas. I also appreciate that he explains things quite well. I would recommend Tru, and I know my friends like Tru’s treatments as well - "Very nice young man" they say!" 

                                                                                 ~ I. Reimer